CRS-XM PRO High-End Middle Position Adjustable Damper Rear Suspension

Suspension Position: Middle

For Middle Position Suspension Models
Adjustable Spring Preload
Rebound 22 stage adjustable damper
Compression 18 stage adjustable damper
Patent Carbon Fiber Heat Cover
16 mm Hard Chromium Axis
Color Laser Engraving Hexagon Gas Bottle
Aluminum Alloy Body
Metal High Pressure Pipe
CNC Machining Parts

Warranty : 1 year

Upper& Bottom Plate & Body :Black, Titanium
Accessories: red

【Product Model】 CRS-XM PRO

【Suspension Configuration】 middle - shock

【Product Specifications】

✔ Adjustable spring preload

✔ 22-stage adjustable

✔ 18-stage adjustable compression damping on the rebound side.

✔ 16mm hardened chrome shaft

✔ CNC-machined components

✔ Multiple color options available

✔ Colorful laser-etched hexagonal gas reservoir

✔ Patented carbon protective film


【Color Options Reference】

  1. Upper and lower seats : 《 Black, Titanium 》
  2. Preload ring and spring seat : 《 Black, Red, Gold, Blue 》

【Warranty Period】 For non-human factors, there is a one-year warranty.

CRS-XMP Applicable vehicle type comparison table.
Brands Models
DUKE390(before 2017)
DUKE390(after 2017)

[Maintenance Suggestions]

It is generally recommended to replace and maintain consumable parts (such as hydraulic oils, oil seals, springs, bearings) for 8,000-10,000 kilometers. However, based on different riding environments or driving styles, in order to ensure the smooth movement of the shock absorber and the damping effect, the consumables can be replaced in advance according to personal use conditions.